cristina and i huggingI am a PhD student in Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, where I study under Dr. Oliver Crisp. My principal research interests are in Christian theology, philosophy, and the intersection of the two. More specifically, I am interested in phenomenology, Scripture and Tradition, classical theism, and other such topics. At present, I intend to write a phenomenology of Scripture with an eye to drawing consequences of theological-methodological import from my findings.

As for me personally, I am not all that terribly interesting. I enjoy listening to jazz music (especially Pat Metheny Group), watching Seattle Seahawks football (most of the time, anyway, but when they play poorly they are my most hated team because of the pain they cause me), and — entirely as a result of the grace of God — I am engaged to be married to the beautiful woman clinging to me in the picture above.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, but especially if you would like to pay me to write about things that are interesting to me, you can use the following form:


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